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The five technologies of bipolar radio frequency, near infrared laser, negative pressure in a vacuum, mechanical rolling, and skin folding are all excellent devices for sculpting and removing wrinkles from various parts of the human body.

The slimming device (medical version) is the designated instrument for the recovery therapy of the French national gymnastics and soccer team after the game.


It uses the revolutionary deep vacuum suction technology to lift the deep subcutaneous tissue, and works with the patented motorized roller to apply pressure, pull and squeeze force on the deep subcutaneous tissue, adipose tissue, subcutaneous tissue, lymphatic system and blood circulation exercise system. Effectively reduce cellulite characterization and improve fat distribution. Restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin and effectively reduce wrinkles.

The slimming system mainly uses four methods: mechanical roller massage, vacuum negative pressure adsorption, high frequency bipolar fusion, and red light and infrared light treatment, which creates a slimming and slimming treatment effect on the skin.

Treatment properties
and benefits

◆ 4 Unique Kinds of Treatment Hand Tools: According to the treatment needs, you can easily achieve perfect body shape, partial weight loss, skin tightening and tightening, skin texture improvement, etc.

◆ Perfect control system: adsorption strength, adsorption frequency, roller speed, roller direction,

The intensity of red light and high frequency power can be freely adjusted to meet different patient treatment needs.

◆ Real dual unipolar radio frequency system: Dual unipolar radio frequency system with Korean 6M radio frequency power supply, effectively avoid burns in the epidermis, and the RF energy is more focused on the target, the pain during treatment is less, and the number of treatments is significantly reduced.

Five main

Freckle Rejuvenation | Body Sculpting
| Face shaping | Stretch marks removal | Muscle pain relief

Infrared lasers can reduce the skin impedance of the heated skin and the RF energy penetrates deep into the connective tissue. The increased infrared laser and the increased RF energy create a synergistic combination of oxygen diffusion through the heated skin

Vacuum plus specially developed roller operation lead to a high frequency penetration of even 5-15 mm. At the same time, the tissues of vacuum and roller machines manipulate NIPS and stretch fibrous connective tissue, metabolize, shrink or shrink the size of the actual fat cavity effectively, and greatly improve the body’s contouring effect.


This system can handle:

Slimming: Slimming the face, neck, extremities, buttocks and abdomen, firm lifting of the face, chest, buttocks, restoring body shape after childbirth and liposuction.

Stretch Marks: Remove stretch marks efficiently.

Firming: Strengthens and tightens the skin, increases skin elasticity, improves cellulite, stretch marks after childbirth, etc.。

Relief: Relieve the muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, fatigue, pain, relieve skin edema, improve dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Promotion of detoxification: promotion of lymph and blood circulation, detoxification of the calf lymph, detoxification of the large intestine.


◆ taboo crowd crowd

The following customers and patient groups:

Pacemakers and defibrillators in their body; metallic substances under the skin;
a history of skin diseases and cancer; Patients with other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes;
Customers during pregnancy and lactation in the history of hormone use;
Clients with unhealed wounds; Customers who are sensitive to light;
Bronzed customers; during menstruation.


Facial treatment: 30 minutes per treatment, once a week, one treatment contains 10 treatments;
Eyes: 15 minutes per treatment, once a week treatment, one treatment course contains 10 treatments;
Whole body: 45-60 minutes, local treatment: 15 minutes
Treatment twice a week, one treatment course contains 10 treatments;