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Our scientists invented a unique patented technology, built innovative chain sequence function modules, created standard modular consumables, and integrated various types of western blot experiments with consumables into one machine.

This machine uses the Internet of Things big data interface and mobile phone app as the central nervous system of the brain, implements remote instructions from the mobile phone, and automatically integrates operations to perform standard Western blot experiments.

For this subversive and innovative intelligent machine system, we named it BlotRobot.

BlotRobot – The automatic protein immunoblot detector , is a life science experimental device that can implement fully automatic processing during Western blotting. According to the software program, the robotic system automatically completes the whole process of blocking the protein membrane, incubating and washing antibodies, freeing the researcher from the traditional manual process. With an innovative design, subversive function and original patent, a new era of automated machine instead of manual operation for immunoblot detection is ushered in. BlotRobot consists of 3 parts: work program for intelligent software, robot system and precast system. The researcher loads the ready-made kits and the protein membrane onto the adapter of the machine, selects the workflow in the software, starts and then walks away. The protein immunoblot detection is implemented automatically according to the set flow.

Pain Points

State-of-the-art laboratories worldwide with Western Blot

The leaf gel is one of the most important consumables for Western blot experiments, and its performance is like a jelly leaf 1mm thick.
They are fragile and must be operated manually without leaving a trace.

Pain Points

The solution with


System integration as an intelligent robot

Replication of almost ten kinds of experiments together, integrated into an intelligent machine system of the integrated series of modules, according to standard test procedures for the operation of the chain sequence distribution function, complete standard experiments

Pre-installed (3D printing) modular consumables

All consumables required for the experiment are pre-installed in a closed system and a standardized module is created. The intelligent mechanical arm drives to grab or drop materials according to the instructions to complete the steps of the instruction experiment.

Internet der Dinge - Big Data-Schnittstelle - Mobile APP

Verwendung des Internets der Dinge – Big Data-Schnittstelle – Mobile APP als zentrales Nervensystem des Gehirns zur Ausführung vernetzter Befehle und Datenübertragung, um eine Fernsteuerung zu erreichen und großen Datenverkehr zu erhalten

Advantages of

The experiment is repeatable, the detection sensitivity is improved, the signal-to-noise ratio is higher than manually; By operating 4 membranes / 60 samples simultaneously, an independent immunodetection could be carried out at the same time. Precast kits make the process simple and smooth and can be disposed of without contamination or cleaning. No shaking table, tray, or timer; no manual, no obligation. These disruptive changes bring exponential improvement to streamline Western Blot protocol, batch screen antibodies, perfect the perfect antibody datasheet, and standardize Western Blot batch service. Take yourself just a few minutes and save yourself half a day. With no intervention or attention in the lab, BlotRobot works quietly hard for you.

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