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More than 20 years
medical innovations

Injex Pharma GmbH is a medical device manufacturer in Berlin. It all began in 1999 with a patent for a device for needle-free injection – the “Injex 30” injector. Since then, our goal has been to enable as many people as possible to administer insulin or anesthetics painlessly in dentistry. Applications in many other areas are conceivable and we strive for and examine them.


Today we are expanding our portfolio and developing new products, such as a laboratory machine or a breathing apparatus. We always focus on the patient who uses one of our products at the end of the day. Above all, it should be easy to understand, helpful in everyday life and easy to use.

German Quality

After difficult years of eventful company history: A short stay on the stock exchange, name changes and start-ups, the young team at Injex Pharma GmbH is now doing everything in its power to meet the official requirements for medical products. Because then we will be able to produce the injector again here in Berlin and sell it all over Europe.